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Embrace the whitespace

How often do you hear from a colleague that they wish they had more time in the day to get work done? I hear that refrain constantly, and admittedly also say it more often than I’d like. Your coworkers don’t actually want more time, they want more productive time, and by extension less meetings. I […]

Sleep and Productivity – why it’s so important

Sleep is a fundamental physiological need for humans, and forms the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid. But we as a society don’t get enough sleep. We stay up all night studying, partying, texting, watching Netflix. Going without sleep carries both short and long term health consequences. Lack of sleep can affect judgement, mood, […]

Top Things to Turn Off to Get Stuff Done in 2016

I’m a firm believer that to do your best work, you need focus. Interruptions murder focus. When trying to focus on a given task, there are some interruptions which are outside of our control: fire alarm, emergency phone call, urgent biological needs, boss hunts you down to talk to you, etc. But most other interruptions […]