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Creating a go-to-market glossary

One of the biggest challenges in any organization is internal communication, especially across different departments. My personal philosophy is to embrace transparency, a common value seen in many technology companies today. However, open lines of communication and transparency don’t solve a core issue that I see at a lot of the companies I work with […]

What is Growth Marketing?

What is Growth Marketing? Its a topic I’ve written about in the past, specifically around the keys to hiring the right talent. All of my working life is devoted to this topic, as a result I often forget how fresh and new growth marketing still is for many people out there! Recently, I was asked […]

Sales Marketing Alignment Best Practices

Sales Marketing Alignment is a hugely (and always) important, yet contentious focus area for Marketers. Sirius Decisions has shown that companies that maintain a focus on company alignment achieve up to 19 percent faster revenue growth, and 15 percent higher profitability than other companies. While it is becoming more prevalent to work on aligning the two […]

Predictive Analytics for Marketing – Unlocking the Value

*Updated June 6, 2016 with information about ABM providers* Predictive analytics is one of the biggest trends in recent years. With Nate Silver’s bestseller, The Signal and the Noise, a new concept emerged that with the right math and data, anyone could predict the future. There’s an ongoing question of how to best apply Predictive Analytics for […]

Framework for Hiring Growth Marketers

My career path in Marketing is far from typical – I came in to it from a product management role at a research firm, and until for a long time was always in a technical or operations-focused marketing role. As I have matured as a marketing professional I’ve focused my career specifically on driving rapid […]